Macbook 13" 2014 slower SSD drives?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by psik, Aug 4, 2014.

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    Can anyone shed light on this? According to macworld's review of the macbook pro 13" retina, the ssd speeds (copy, write/read) of the drive is slower than the 2013 model (similar to the airs). What shocks me is that it doesn't even match 2013 but is slower, why? How can SSD drives become slower suddenly?
    Referenced article:
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    They don't mention SSD speeds in that review?
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    Apple uses SSDs from several different manufacturers and they don't all offer the same level of performance. There is a good chance that they received a fast SSD on the 2013 and a slower SSD on the 2014. In actual usage you're not going to notice a difference so it doesn't really matter.
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    128GB and 256GB are a lottery of SanDisk and Samsung. SanDisk is far more common with the 128GB and 256GB variants in the 13" rMBP, while the Samsung variant is pretty rare.

    On the other hand, the Samsung variant of the 256GB in the 15" rMBP is quite common.

    512GB and 1TB variants are Samsung only.

    SanDisk 256GB: 700MB/s read, 550MB/s write.
    Samsung 256GB: 720MB/s read, 670MB/s write.
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