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    I really do like the 12 in MacBook. But the screen size is small and the trackpad is small. I would like Apple to make a 13.3 in version of the 12 in MacBook.

    It would definitely need the things below in order for me to buy the 13.3 in MacBook.

    Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port
    Larger Trackpad
    The same amount of thinnest (13.1 mm)
    Weighs under 3 lbs

    Things that aren't Deal-Breakers
    500 nits brightness
    Wide color (P3)
    Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
    720p FaceTime HD camera

    Nice things that aren't Must-have
    8,16GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory
    Three microphones
    Processors that have 32MB of eDRAM memory onboard

    I feel like that Apple will come out with a 13.3 in version of the MacBook once the MacBook Air is discontinued with improved specs that are needed for people to buy the 13.3 in MacBook.

    Also for a MacBook that costs $999. Most people don't expect to buy a MacBook that has a Retina Display at that price point. So in 2 or 3 years when the MacBook Air gets discontinued, it would make sense that all MacBooks has a Retina display by that time. Just like when the iPhone 5 came out, the iPhone 4S was the mid-ranger for the iPhone range at that time, and then the iPhone 4 was the entry-level iPhone at the lowest price and it still had the original Retina Display that the iPhone 4 came out with.

    So after the MacBook Air gets discontinued, the MacBooks below would be available with the storage and memory that are mentioned below.

    MacBook 12-inch $999
    (128GB,256GB SSD storage) (8GB memory)
    Possibly with 512GB SSD storage with 16GB memory option

    MacBook 13.3-inch $1,299
    (256GB,512GB SSD storage) (8GB,16GB memory)
    Possibly with 1TB SSD storage with option

    MacBook Pro 13.3-inch nonTB $1,499
    (256GB,512GB,1TB SSD storage) (8GB,16GB memory)
    Possibly with 128GB SSD storage with $1,299 price

    MacBook Pro 13.3-inch with TouchBar
    (256GB,512GB,1TB SSD storage) (8GB,16GB memory)
    Possibly with an 32GB memory option

    MacBook Pro 15.4-inch with TouchBar
    (256GB,512GB,1TB,2TB SSD storage) (16GB,32GB memory)

    The specs and MacBooks that are listed above are likely to happen with the available storage and memory options that are based on what Apple has done in the pass.
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    I totally disagree. To me the 12" MacBook is PERFECT in every way. If you want a 13", the non TB MBP is the one for you. Heck, even Phil made it clear about it being lighter than the Air.
    Seriously guy's, the Apple's MacBook and MacBook Pro line is super. Let's not confuse the customer. Maybe you need to take up another hobby with friend's :)
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    I think there was never a bigger confusion than between nTB and TB MBP for the average joe.

    Apple should just offer bigger screen with less CPU. Like a Asus zenbook. Not a 15" for double the price
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    With 3 models that already have 13.3" screens I don't really see the point.

    I'd go with a 14" so it's a definite step up from the 12" in size. Exactly the same specs, but slightly bigger battery to compensate for the screen. Could they do that at around 1200grams? It only makes sense if it stays super light.
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    Firstly, Schiller never said it is lighter than the Air (because it isn’t), but yes; the whole point of the 13” non TB MBP is to replace the 13” Air, while the 12 MB replaces the 11” Air. So your right in a way. But....
    The most confusing thing for the customer is the current MBP lineup, with the non TB and TB MBPs that each have different processors, different ports, etc. Replacing the base 13” MBP with a 13” MB would be perfect and avoid confusion.

    If people were just after screen size, then this thread wouldn’t exist. What many want is a larger MacBook that has the same design/thickness as the 12 MB, and being even lighter than the 13” base MBP. And I have to say, I agree, it would be brilliant.

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