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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by pulpadded, May 29, 2012.

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    I called Apple Care once before about this issue and he was able to tell me what kind of screen I needed for my computer (there seem to be a few different types, mostly Axxxx and Wxxxx). I moved, can't find that info.

    I called Apple Care today and they were useless, couldn't even tell me what model my computer was, much less what monitor it needed.

    I'm trying to ID the kind of screen I need, rather that cracking it open to find the part number, as I need to use the computer daily until I can replace the screen.

    All I know is it's a white 13" Macbook, about 4 years old, and the serial. I'm not taking it in to a shop, because the closest Apple shop is 2 hours away, and they want $300, which I can't afford.

    Any idea how to ID the part I need?
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    About This Mac > More Info. It will state which year model you have. You can then Google which LCD's your MacBook is compatible with, or simply do a search on EBay for replacement LCD's for your year's model. Just make sure they offer a return policy, so in case it's not compatible, or broken, you can replace it.

    Some advice on MacBook replacement LCD's compatibility:

    Take a look at the following photo

    Below the third "Do Not Touch!" there's a connector for the LCD. If the LCD you buy comes with a special converter plugged into that connector, then there's a chance that it might not work with your MacBook, in which case you might have to return it for the right LCD instead. If on the other hand it looks like what's in the photo, then it should be fine. Typically LCD's like that one go for ~$80-100 on EBay, and take about 15 minutes to replace.

    Here's a good tutorial on how to replace the LCD without taking the entire system apart, though you'd need some kind of a thin, long metal rod to be able to insert the small connector to the MacBook where the hinges are (explanation in the 1st video after 4 minutes mark).
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