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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by barton260, Sep 13, 2014.

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    Sep 13, 2014
    I have a 2006 MacBook Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz. A while back my wife dropped it down the stairs and in-turn broke the LCD. Rather than repair it due to its age and the cost of the part I purchased a new MacBook Pro. Recently the cost of LCDs has come down quite a bit and I was able to pick one up for $40.00 on ebay. I installed the LCD with no issues and opted to throw in a new SSD to give it a boost. Now comes the problem:

    When I try to boot the MacBook with two sticks of Ram installed the screen stays black. I get no bootup chime. Nothing happens. The white led on the front is on solid and I can hear the DVD drive power up. The RAM being used is the same RAM that was in it when it was dropped down the stairs, which at the time was brand new. Two 2GB sticks of Crucial memory. It had previously worked perfect.

    What I have done to attempt to try and figure out the problem:
    When removing RAM from Slot 0 the computer boots fine with either RAM chip installed to Slot 1. However, the computer will not boot at all with either chip installed in Slot 0. When trying to boot with RAM installed in Slot 0 gives the exact same conditions as previously stated above when both Slots are full. I kept the 2 512mb sticks that came in the machine when it was purchased new. I tried installing those in the same manner and received the same results as with the 2GB sticks.

    Is there any sort of fix for this at all or is my Slot 0 now bad somehow? After it fell down the stairs the computer would still boot perfectly fine the LCD was just messed up and I had two 2GB sticks in it previously so I don't see how sitting on my closet shelf could have broken a RAM slot. PRAM and SMC have both been reset and did nothing to resolve the issue.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Mar 26, 2013
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    My guess is that the logic board was flexed in the fall.

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