MacBook 2,1 (Late 2006)

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  1. Rori macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2015
    Hiya everyone,

    I've had a MacBook 2,1, from Late 2006 as per the title, passed down to me and i'm trying to revive it. Currently it has 3GB of mismatched RAM salvaged from a dead HP laptop, and a $30 128GB SSD I found on eBay that's working pretty nicely. The Mac is currently running OSX Lion 10.7.5, with Trim Enabler On. I just purchased some KomputerBay RAM from Amazon so I can get a 2x2GB (4GB) RAM matching pair so I can have Dual Channel to get a tiny speed boost. I also intend to buy the Anker battery replacement on Amazon seeing as how Anker is seemingly a good battery brand, and is more affordable. Is there anything else I can do to revive this aging MacBook?
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    I actually just did some similar upgrades and repairs to my grandfather's Late 2006 MacBook. We upgraded from Tiger to Lion and upped the RAM to 4 GB (with 3 GB accessible). No SSD yet, but the RAM upgrades were a marked improvement, and the machine handles Lion quite well. Luckily, Lion is still relatively well supported by the applications he uses.

    I think we've reached the end of upgradability for his machine, but I'm hopeful it will allow him a year or so more use out of it.
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    That's really about as far as you can go with those MacBooks. The SSD upgrade is really worth it though, I put one in my mid-2007 recently (which is very similar to your late 2006 model) and it woke it up big time.
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    I too have a 2006 2,1. I put in the ram and went with a 500Gb 7200 rpm hdd. It seems a little faster than my wifes 2012 MBP on boot, but she needs to get rid of things slowing hers down. An SSD would be about the tops for mine and yours though.

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