Macbook 2.4ghz cannot charge/ or use battery power

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by absolutmp5, Apr 25, 2011.

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    So i received a broken mac from a coworker. It is a black macbook running at 2.4ghz intel core duo 2, with 2 gigs of ram, etc. He had originally brought the mac to the apple store reporting that it was not turning on. They said that their might be water damage and he shouldn't bother trying to fix this. Months later when i get the laptop, it completely turns on and is full functional for the most part. The Optical drive, hard drive, screen, speakers work and the computer turns on via connected to the power adapter. However the connection leading towards charging the battery and receiving a charge from the battery does not work. He gave me the computer with both batteries, one which came from the original purchase and one that he bought recently just a few months ago. So the problem is not only are both batteries not receiving a charge or powering the laptop but they both are fully dead. I confirmed this because i have a fully functional white macbook and tried its battery in the black macbook and also tried charging the black batteries via the white macbook.

    What can possibly be wrong with the black macbook charging? Do i need to get a whole logic board or is their something localized i can do?
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    Reset the SMC (see link in sig). It could be the power board is not functioning. On some MacBooks, this is a separate board.
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    there is a separate magsafe board connecting to the logic board. I have done repairs where battery/power issue was the magsafe board, and repairs where battery/power issues was a faulty logic board. 95% of the time it is the logic board. Unless you can find someone who can check each component (I would try the magsafe board first since it's much faster) you might be stuck with a desktop notebook.

    where are you located?

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