Macbook 2008 - broken motherboard

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Zotaccian, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Apr 25, 2012
    Now this machine is not the same one which is in my sig, but similar. I bought it for parts and I got what I wanted. However, it would of course be great if I could fix this one as well, which I on the other don't think is possible without special equipment.

    This Macbook powers up but does not chime, sleep led is constantly lit. The machine does not respond to SMC reset attempt and Caps Lock light does not lit when I press it. It does not beep if I remove all memory so it seems to me like there's no one home.

    What usually breaks with these? Macbook Pro with Nvidia 8600 is knoown case but are there any similar weaknesses with this one? Is it solder fault in the Intel chipset? There are no signs of burns etc. and actually the machine looks better than this one I use to type at the moment. The machine came with original charger, but the cord had been fixed at some point. Charger is not the same which was shipped with the Macbook since it is 85W, however, higher wattage charger should not be a problem.
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    Try depleting the battery in the working MacBook and putting it into the dead one. See if it charges.

    If it doesn't you may have a MagSafe board issue. If it does it is probably the Logic Board. Does the MacBook respond to the power button?

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