Macbook 2009 Timemachine Issue


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Oct 31, 2014
Recently upgraded a 2009 white book with El Capitan. I have done a Time Machine backup that I wan't to install on an old SSD disk that I want to use as system disk.

The issue I keep having with the empty SSD installed is an error icon that shifts between it and the apple logo.

I have tried bringing up the install interface on the original disk and then don't have any issues to start the back-up install and finding the back-up on the external drive.

Anyone have any clues?


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Jun 18, 2017
If the old hard drive was working as a boot disk, why don't you just clone the disk directly from your old drive to the Mac with SSD? All you need is a $10 USB enclosure for the old drive.

Also, do you have the latest firmware update installed?

Not sure if you need one or not, but here is the list:
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