Macbook (3,1) "L" Charger Only Charging After Removing and Re-inserting Battery

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Midgard, May 18, 2011.

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    Hi so I have a Macbook (3,1) that has had a strange charging problem going on for a while. So this is what happened since it started until now.

    (1) First about a year ago I went on vacation and left my Macbook home unplugged (stupid) and the battery inside died and lost all of its charge and sat there for about 2 weeks. I come back home and find that the battery is completely dead and won't even hold a charge at all.

    (2) I was running the computer (with the dead battery still inside it) exclusively on plug in power. Then, that charger (an original "T" charger) began to cut out all the time and had to tape it in really awkwardly. One nudge and it stopped supplying power and the computer would shut off. This repeated at least a dozen times per day for about 6 months until I decided to get a new charger. They gave me a new "L" charger for like $90.

    (3) Charger worked for a while.. THEN THAT CHARGER DIED IN LIKE A MONTH. So I head down there and the same guy gives me another one just like it. I take it home works fine.

    (4) Still with a dead battery, I buy a new hardrive because I ran out of space. Hard drive worked really well and I load all my music and pictures on it and accidentally unplug charger and computer shuts off. I turn it back on and the computer is not working anymore. The hard drive is corrupted. I send it back and get a new one. I save this one until I get a new battery. For the time being I use the old hard drive. The charging problem still happened.

    (5) I get a new battery for Christmas (about a month after I got the charger) and the battery charged fine. However, if I left it unplugged and didn’t plug it back in before it reached 30% charge then the LED wouldn’t go on and the computer would continue to lose charge until it died. Then, I would have to take the battery out so the LED would turn green and just power the macbook then I’d re-insert the battery and it would start charging. I’d then have to reboot the computer. This persisted for the life of the hard drive.

    (6)(Current) Since I had no operating system startup disk (brother away at college had it) I could not use the new hard drive which was sitting in a box for about 3 months. Last week my brother comes home from college and lets me use the startup disk. The new harddrive has been going strong now with a new battery and harddrive. Also, I have not added any old music or pictures from the old harddrive. That ***** on my iMac now. I thought that charging problem had to do with my SUPER ****** old harddrive that literally took minutes to pause a song in itunes or open up an application, etc. BUT NO! Brand new harddrive. Fairly new battery. Fairly new charger. The charging problem persists now but instead of the 30% charge minimum before, it is now completely ****ing random. Sometimes you can plug it in and charge it at any charge sometimes it doesn't charge at 90% after taking it to the bathroom and coming back. the only way to get it charging again is to remove the battery, plug in the charger, and re-insert the battery.

    So what I do? I'm beginning to think it's a problem with the hardwired stuff inside that you can't take out. I don't know what to do. I can't find a case on google like mine where it only charges SOME of the time. I think it's my fault for letting the computer just shut off randomly when I had no battery and a ****** charger together. Thanks for reading. Please help me if you can.

    Thanks, Midgard
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    This is... scary.

    Literally the second I closed the window after writing the thread. Something popped up in my software updater. This. The exact solution to the thing I was asking. This is crazy.

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    LOL. How's that for responsiveness!? :D This should answer most, if not all, of your battery questions:
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    Thanks for posting about this! I was having exactly the same problem and couldn't find much info. Sorted.

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