MacBook A1181 logic board compatibility

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by matthewscott661, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Wow, been a while since I actually posted anything. I have a late 2006 black MacBook with 2GHz Core2Duo and Intel GMA950. Everything on it works great, just painfully slow graphics due to being nearly 8 years old. I came across someone selling an A1181 logic board on craigslist that is from a newer model with the X3100 graphics, and I'm wondering if it's at all compatible with the model I have. I've looked a bit online but it's hard to find info since it's such an older model.

    The part number on the board for sale is 820-2279-A and the part number for my installed board is 820-1889-A. Most things I've found have said that the same board number is always interchangeable no matter what processor it has, but that different ones may work or may not.

    I've looked over a lot of photos of both models and it looks like all the connectors are the same, but I can't see well enough to judge certainly. I read a couple places, mainly some threads on ifixit, that the 2006 models weren't energy star rated, and that the newer ones that are energy star rated have a different battery connector.

    It's only 60 bucks for the board, heatsink and fan, and airport card, and if it doesn't work I can always resell it, just wondering what my chances at success are. Any info or a point in the direction of any info would be awesome, thanks guys.
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    Hi! As long as yours is a Core 2 Duo model, you should be fine with the conversions, as I believe all models before the 2009 white MacBooks are compatible motherboard wise. I will do some research and tell you if anything comes up. Otherwise I think you are good to go if you can handle the motherboard swap. I would advise going on iFixit and using their handy guides for replacing the motherboard on a Late 2006 MacBook. Good Luck!
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    A lot of work and parts needed !

    You will need a new bottom case, speakers, bluetooth module, CMOS battery, battery connector and a new logicboard to inverter cable.....While the boards are the same physical size the heatsink mountings are different - as are the various connections on the motherboards.

    Cheaper to sell your MacBook and buy one with the X3100 graphics but would make more sense to buy a 2009 nVidea model that can run Mavericks - since it will only cost slightly more than the 2007/8 models.
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    Pretty much what logana said. Check iFixIt for those two distinct models to see all the differences. As each new variant of the same model is replaced, Apple tweaks and improves the internals, mounts, and arrangement of components. Exterior wise, they may look exact, but internally, even from beginning of a model variant to the end of that model variant, things may change.

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