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Macbook Air 11" Broken Trackpad?


macrumors regular
Original poster
Jul 9, 2008
Leicester, UK
I've got an 11" Air and of late I've found that the trackpad click is only responsive in about 1cm squared area to the middle left - the rest of the pad doesn't respond.

On the right hand side the trackpad doesn't seem to even click properly.

Any ideas how I may fix this? It is very infuriating to use as is

It's the first 11" Air (Core2Duo - 128gb)


macrumors newbie
Jun 28, 2011
Vancouver, BC
I've got my trackpad replaced the trackpad on one of MB devices under warranty due to the unbearable 0.0001mm dent on it in the middle section, but no mechanical issue

I would suggest take it in to the store and sure they could take it for trackpad replacement. I believe it takes less than an hour job, but depending on the wait.
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