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Jun 14, 2013

I have a 2015 Macbook Air.
I7, 8GB Ram and 256 GB Flash.

Now the fan makes this helicopter sound, when it is on It's "slowest",
I could not hear the fan before when It was not boosted because of a demanding task.
Now I hear it all the time in "silent" mode.

I ran diagnostics, but It only said my battery was not optimal.
Nothing about the fan.

It worries me a little. My Macbook Pro toasted itself.
Also It's very annoying.

Anyone had this problem? I found a topic about the same issue from 2009.
I can mis the computer for a repair in july ...
Is the fan getting tired? Or could It just be dust.


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Apr 1, 2014
The fan just spins, there is no chip that reports health for the fan.

The fan could be dirty. If you used the computer enough to age the battery after two years, the fan moved a lot of air for cooling. So they could be covered in dirt. Or a bearing wore out, causing uneven spinning.

My Macbook occasionally did the noise, which made it hard to identify which fan made the noise for repairs. Both were replaced and the noise went away. It was a bearing problem, as they were not too dusty.

The repair is quick if they have the fan in store, otherwise they will need to order it. I wouldn’t wait until July for a bad fan.


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Jun 14, 2013
Thanks good to know there is no chip that reports health for the fan.

It went away for now, strange.
It's like a powerbook G4 that made a fall to the floor in 2008,
the left speaker didn't work anymore. The next day, both speakers worked like new.
And I still use that powerbook for typing long documents, I love the keyboard.

Maybe something went in and got out again.
It also started to hoover more when the sound was there.
My atelier can be dusty, I clean the Mac Pro's and I take the Air almost everywhere.
And It get's a lot of torture, logic or photoshop that I should be doing on the mac pro.

If it comes back I'm going to have it checked. And I want a new battery at some point as it is soldered in.


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Feb 26, 2016
iStat menus by Bjango shows values for all the temperature sensors and the speed of your exhaust fan. Mine are showing up to 53C on the CPU/GPU and 1204 RPM on the exhaust fan on my 13" Macbook Air. It is silent. My 2011 11" Macbook Air could get noisy when it was hot (my memory is that it could get up to 70/80C and the case felt hot to the touch). I think that might have been a clogged/failing fan. If it goes on too long, you could overheat the machine. I'd worry if the noise was continuous over a long period of time and the temperatures were high (probably blocked cooling ducts). If the fan speed is low, the temperature is OK and it's still noisy, I'd suspect a failing bearing. It's probably a quick fix if they have the fan in stock.

Your Powerbook speaker could have been a dislodged connector that reseated itself, or a loose solder joint that normally makes adequate contact? If it's working, no problem :)

I only kept my MBA going because it was a work machine, and could be easily replaced if it broke :) YMMV
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