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Original poster
Oct 17, 2021
I recently got a M1 MBA and the weight distribution is throwing me off a bit.

I use it on the edge of my lap a lot and it is extremely back heavy. It definitely will fall off my lap if I don't keep my hands on the palm rest area.

I usually use my laptops towards the edge of my lap towards my knees. Maybe even a slight overhang over my kneecaps. Most of the weight of this laptop is back heavy (screen + logic board + thickness of the back side).

While I definitely appreciate its weight and thin form, its definitely giving me a lot of anxiety when I use it on my lap.

Anyone else experience the same?


macrumors G4
Mar 27, 2017
It's one of the tradeoffs of a wedge shaped design.

Traditional designs put battery cells under the palm rest and trackpad. On the Air, most of the battery is under the keyboard. As a result, much of the weight is unevenly distributed.
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