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Mar 23, 2014
Hi everyone. Can someone tell me through the picture I uploaded what the little thing to the right above the green R010 resistor is? Is that a fuse? It looks burned. I spilled some cranberry juice on the laptop, got everything cleaned and everything works, but there was a little burning smell coming from that part. It doesn't measure any voltage.
Where could I get that piece?

Thank you


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Jan 12, 2013
That part has a white letter P on it.
I have about seven of those mid 2012 logic boards sitting here, mine are i5/8GB


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Jul 25, 2011
Wont be a fuse, might be a capacitor or another resistor. I'd also be looking for other damage, possibly might be a symptom rather than the cause if there's no voltage across it.

Smell could be the item breaking down, or even just the outer layer burning on then top when exposed to fluid i.e. no impact on functionality.

In terms of parts.. not convinced you'll get one (without getting a full spec for the board to analyse). Even if you did would be a real pain to remove the old and install the new unless you have some pretty nice soldering skills and kit.

If everything's functional (have you checked literally every function and interface?) it's more likely to be a capacitor to smooth out a power line than a resistor or fuse which would impact on function. And if everything is still functional I'd put it back together...
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