Macbook Air Adobe CS5 and noise questions

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    Dec 12, 2010

    Since the new MBP-Upgrade didn’t hold what the rumors where promising
    (I think I should stop reading them...)
    I need some help regarding MBA.

    How much noise does it make? I used my Ipod Touch to measure the dB in my room:
    22 dB without anything running except a clock.
    With my Pc running, it stated 41 dB (= annoying).
    I read the MBA can get kinda loud, how loud exactly?

    Btw, which one is the most silent mac?

    I would use it mostly for College (maybe some games) and I need Adobe CS5 Design Premium to run on it:

    The specs from the Adobe site:

    Would the Design Premium run on the MBA 11” or would the MBA 13 be better?

    Eclipse/Xcode can run on any actual mac, right?

    Thanks for helping!
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    Mar 3, 2008
    Yes Xcode will run on any mac, but would you really want the smallest SSD MBA when Xcode and iOS 4.2 SDK take up 9 gig after install plus the disk image which is 3.7 gig which I suppose you could delete after installation.

    Fan noise? Are you kidding? Any Mac laptop will make noise when the cpu gets loaded. I notice my 3 year old Macbook (geekbench 3100) sits there silently all day long but if I run iPhoto with 70 gig of jpg files the fan kicks in. If I run iMovie the fan kicks in. If I build a project in Xcode and launch it in the simulator, the fan normally doesn't kick in. If I open a 300 meg pdf file, sometimes the fan kicks in.

    I would recommend the 11 inch MBA as a good college machine. Its geekbench scores are relatively low but the reviewers claim the SSD helps make up for it. Of course if money is no object, go for the 13 inch MBP with the $600 SSD upgrade. Cha CHING!

    Another option to consider is the lowly Mac Mini. They are silent most of the time and the older (G4 and early Intel) ones I have are fanless. I've never heard a peep coming out of them no matter what I was working on. I don't know about the current Mac Minis, though.

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