MacBook air and iTunes match setup... Please help!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Smileyboy, Dec 7, 2011.

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    I don't know if this had been addressed before however this is what I'm looking to do. Sorry if this has been covered. I did do a search and none of the titled rendered much info.

    I have a MacBook air 13/4/256/i5 I'm looking to move all my media to an external hdd attached to my Time Capsule, which I have done.
    I then want to delete the actual music off of my MBA and just stream it from the cloud.

    If I buy new music I would like to have the library be updated... But I don't actually want to keep any files on my MBA.
    How would I do that? Just move the new files to the external drive and delete them off the MBA?
    Do I make a copy of my iTunes library on my MBA and Network Atrached Storage and update it aka make a copy everytime I add something?
    Any tips?
    Does anyone know if movies are the same? Meaning if you leave the house and u want to "stream" a movie or tv show you have already purchased, it's avalible to "download"?

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    Feb 23, 2010
    So far, there i.e. no way to stream purchased movies, although you may find it makes more sense to rent them at the time you want to watch anyway.

    TV Shows should be available to re-download from the Purchased Section in the iTunes Store. It looks like you can stream directly from the same place, but I haven't tried it - you may have to download it, then play it locally - in either case it is available.

    Music is playable from iCloud, but I think you are going to run into trouble with purchasing new content. It needs to go somewhere before it can be 'matched'. I have an iMac that I use for all of my purchasing, and my library is stored on a NAS. This set up works for me and I have access to my music through iTunes match on my laptop, but that's because the iMac is always connected to the NAS. If I tried to buy new music on my laptop (while away fro home), I think my system would break down.

    Maybe someone has a different experience with this.
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    Thx for the input. I have a apple tv 1 at home where I buy most of my movies and tv shows. I just use the NAS as a way of storing all the content.
    Music seems a little more confusing.

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