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May 9, 2014
Bb was the MacBook Air base 13 for 899-100 for school. They also have mbpr for 1234-100. 1134 and 799. Is 8gb and the retina worth the difference? I'm just gonna be doing email, writing, music and watching movies


Oct 10, 2013
The 8gb ram for your use are pointless.
I have the rmbp in my sig, but today i worked for 8h on a mba with 4gb ram.

I have to say I am very, very impressed once again!
The mba is significantly more responsive than my rmbp.

So it basically boils down to wether or not the retina screen is worth it to you.


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May 22, 2010
Where do you see $1234 for the rMBP? I see $1299...

Edit: Sorry, I was looking at the older version with 256GB SSD for $1299.


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May 9, 2014
Model: MGX72LL/A SKU: 1581712

MacBook 13 Pro retina 1234.

MacBook Air is 899 13inch


Well the air is 400 less. Which seems like a lot for a screen and an extra 4gbs


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Feb 14, 2014
Abu Dhabi
Work has just bought me a Retina MacBook Pro 13". I have my own 2013 MacBook Air 11". I was so excited, but what a letdown!

First, to be clear, I am not a power user. That said, I am just like very many people. I use Office, Email, Internet, iTunes and not much more.

So, why is my MBA so much better from my point of view? Well, it is lighter, thinner and seems just as fast. It is also cheaper. Frankly, I can hardly tell the difference between the screens, and to run the MPB at retina resolution, everything has to be "large". As soon as I change it to get everything smaller to get more on the screen, it is no longer "retina" anyway. At retina resolution, I see less than I see on my 11" screen at the resolution I run it at. Oh, and let us not forget that the MBA battery life us superior.

I realise it is horses for courses, but for me, it is MBA all the way. My new shiny MBP is just a chunky heap alongside the MBA. What I bought my MBA, I always wondered if I should have coughed up a bit more, and gone for the MBP, but now I know I made exactly the right decision.


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Jul 31, 2014
Like Meister said 4gb ram is plenty for your usage. Get a higher storage if its your main computer or the base model if its not. I have a BTO 13" retina MBP provided by work, and a base 13" MBA for my wife's use at home. She is pretty happy with it.


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Dec 29, 2012
I have an 11" MBA and find it excellent in nearly every respect - easily powerful enough for all the applications you mention. In fact very responsive with the flash memory. The only negative I would say is the screen, which is not that great for text, because on such a small screen (OK you're going for 13" but similar) you start to notice the pixels and the font smoothing, so characters are a bit blurry and not very black. So I would hope for a 13" retina MBA in your situation. The MBA is a great size and weight and really zippy. But I've never actually used a retina laptop so no real idea what the screen looks like - if it's anything like my iphone 5S it would be a great improvement.
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