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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by thiagomedeiros, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Jan 30, 2012
    Hello Everybody,

    My name is Thiago and I am a big Apple fan, everything started with an iPhone and now I have all their products.
    In the end of last Year (December, 20) I had encouraged my girlfriend to buy a MacbookAir 13" for her.
    She accepted and we bought her a brand new Macbook Air 13"/128/4GB/MID 2011.

    She doesn't really used her Mac until the end of our vacations, and then the problems started.
    She could get only 2 hours of battery, with only skype, safari and mail open. So far away from the 7 hours advertised by Apple. (I have a similar one and I get almost 6 hours with the same apps running).
    So I checked the maximum load capacity and was in 5600mAh after 10 Cycles. So I performed a SMC reset, a PRAM reset, made the battery calibration procedure, reinstalled Lion, and nothing change. We went to the Apple Store in Munich, Germany. The woman of the Genius Bar checked and said "everything is ok, we cannot take low time duration as problem." So I make her see the load capacity and she asked to another guy and this guy said "no, this is NOT normal."
    So she take the computer to the back store, changed the battery, and bring also the old one. She shown as that the old was had a problem and the load capacity was already less then half of the new.
    With the new battery the maximum load capacity was 6667mAh, which seens to be normal. So we went home, and my girlfriend started to use the Mac normally. In the next day the battery began to last only 2,5 hours again. we checked the maximum load capacity and was already of 6200mAh after only 01 cycle.

    We went again to the apple store in Munich, and another guy in the genius bar checked everything and say it is normal. Again we shown him the capacity, he called another colleague and this guy said again: "there is a problem with this Mac." So the guy said, we will have to stay with your computer to make more tests because there is a problem with it.

    We asked for an exchange, because the computer started to shown problems before one month and now they don't now how to fix it. He called the manager of the store that say: "No, we will note exchange nothing, this computer was not bought here." and treat as very rudely.(the computer was bought in USA)
    So, they asked us to stay with the computer to perfom a 24 hour test and monday the computer will be ready and fixed.

    We left it there, and Monday morning we called the Apple store in Munich to ask about the computer, they said: "We run the test 4 times and ther is any problem with it"
    If the test last for 24h how can be possible to run it 04 times after less than 48 hours?

    We went to the Apple store to take the computer, one guy bring the computer and said: "We even touched your computer, we are full, if you want you can take it like this."
    We left the computer there, again, and they schedulled an appoitment to next wednesday.

    But I am pretty sure that they will not touch the computer again.

    I really don't know whatelse to do. Because they already said that there is a problem, attempted to change the battery but doesn't work, don't know how to fix it and don't want to exchange for a new one, even if the problems started before one month only (now the computer have 1 mont and 10 days)

    How should I proceed? there is anywhere to complain about Apple services and Munich Apple Store services?

    The treatment we received in the Munich Apple Store was the worst I could ever receive.

    Sincerely yours,
    Thiago Medeiros Araujo
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    Jul 9, 2008
    Okie land
    When the Apple retail store is being a pain in the ass you should call Applecare. Try to remain calm and explain the steps you have taken. And ask them to contact the store about a replacement. Usually they will sort it out.
  3. thiagomedeiros thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 30, 2012
    I will try to call AppleCare before returning there on Wednesday. Good idea. Lets hope they can do something.

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