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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Constantine1337, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Constantine1337 macrumors 6502

    Dec 3, 2009
    Hi guys,

    I need some advice from you all :)

    I currently have MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2010 i5 2.53GHz (with AppleCare) model and I do not know if I should sell it and get me the new MacBook Air 13". Here is my dilemma:

    Basically I can sell this MacBook Pro and get the mentioned MBA without paying a dime. Display size is not an issue, since most of the stuff I do is surfing the web, email and writing essays. I do have an external display that I can use from time to time, so this is fine.

    BUT, I do play Counter-Strike 1.6 sometimes. I need a laptop that can run the game at 100fps in Windows and this is why I am considering sticking with my machine, since I do not know how MacBook Air will do. Basically CS 1.6 is like 10y old game that is based on Unreal engine (no huge graphic effects or such) so I am not sure how it will work.
    It would be awesome to get that mobility factor, especially since I move my computer few days every week around. And also I think it would be wise to do an upgrade now instead of waiting for next gen MacBook Pro because the value of my machine will only drop over time (I believe it would be easier to sell MacBook Air in 1year than this MacBook Pro).

    What would you do?
  2. 3bs macrumors 603


    May 20, 2011
    Dublin, Ireland
    I didn't know anyone still played that game! :p I spent so many hours on it a few years ago. I would buy the MBA. But first make sure that it works fine. I'm not sure if it will or not so wait and see what other people say.
  3. macabouttobe macrumors regular


    Aug 5, 2007
    It appears FPS is a critical check-box in your buying criteria. What would I do? I would research what people have posted regarding benchmarks closer than what I have been doing so far.

    What I have gleaned so far
    - 13" a negligible hair slower than 11" MBA
    - 2011 MBA's hair slower than 2010 MBA's (Video)
    - I haven't searched for an Unreal Engine benchmark but I'm sure you can find it and that will give you your final answer.

    Hope that helps chart your course. If anyone still plays that game maybe they can weigh in also..
  4. Constantine1337 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Dec 3, 2009
    Thanks for that. But that is my issue, I have not found a single text/review of CS 1.6 running on the MBA. That is the most CPU intensive thing that I would do on my machine. I should also note that then the MBA would be my primary mac (in combo with the external display).
  5. adnoh macrumors 6502a


    Nov 14, 2010
  6. buddybd macrumors 6502

    Jul 28, 2011
    CPU won't be an issue this time. But I suppose Intel HD3000 can run 1.6 at 100FPS. See if you can find reviews with this GPU (or lower) and 1.6.
  7. Constantine1337 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Dec 3, 2009
    Ok, so I just bought the new MacMini (base configuration). I will be installing Windows tomorrow to se how CS 1.6 works. If it turns out to be ok, I will be getting MBA. I'll post here tomorrow and report how it went :)
  8. KPOM macrumors G5

    Oct 23, 2010
    You are getting two new Macs? The base Mini's processor will perform roughly on par with the i5 or i7 options in the 13" MacBook Air.
  9. Constantine1337 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Dec 3, 2009
    Yes. I decided to go for the new MacMini as my media center (always wanted to have one :p )
  10. Constantine1337 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Dec 3, 2009
    Ok, so I tested windows out today with the base MacMini. Counter-Strike 1.6 worked great, except when some1 throws smoke, then frames go down to 40-50. My current MacBook Pro manages to keep it on 100FPS all the time but that is not so bad.

    I guess that MacBook Air will preform a bit better - it does have a slower CPU but the GFX has more RAM and it has 4GB with the SSD. Anyhow, I will be getting the MBA soon. :)

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