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    Any solid recommendations? I have a Speck skin on it that is cracking badly - it seems that this is a common complaint/defect so I wondered what others are using and are pleased with! Thanks in advance.
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    Speck skin or shell?
    I use a skin. The Matte version.
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    I generally go for the cheaper hard shell cases, since they all get ruined pretty quickly. I've used the iPearl brand because their prices are usually $10-15 depending on the model MacBook/Air/Pro and they hold up just as well as what they sell in the Apple Store for $50+ IMO. I would usually buy 2-3 of a model I liked the fitment of, given how quickly they get messed up, and how much it irked me.

    Like, right now, I would buy something like this given the price

    I've also used the adhesive covers. I've found that ones made from 3M di-noc tend to be extremely durable, and have used these under hard shell cases for both cosmetic and protective purposes.
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    That looks good. Really good. I wish you didn't post that as now I have to order one for my nTB. :p
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    I just got a warranty replacement of my Speck Clear skin shell for my 13" MB Air.

    Original was really clear, and cracked all over within first 2 months.

    Easy online warranty claim, and free FedEx delivery of replacement. Though part number was same, construction was different, and no longer clear; now a translucent material.

    Be sure to save packaging to retain security label to prove authenticity. Eveidently, lots of counterfeits out there.

    Original was $20 closeout at Best Buy. Perhaps a defective batch from Speck.

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