MacBook Air damaged during Apple Repair

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by SSD-GUY, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    I sent my mac off to be repaired with Apple, a fault was found with the logic board and that has been replaced. However, I have now received my Macbook Air and one of the corners has a dent on it.

    I have been in contact with Apple who have told me that upon receiving the MacBook they inspected it and found no damage and the same inspection at the point of it's departure was also concluded to have found no damage, but sitting with me here is a dented MacBook.

    As I had a black case on the top of my MacBook, they said they didn't remove the top case and therefore there couldn't be any damage to the MacBook, the black case is fine but IMO, the case has been removed whilst disassembling the MacBook and someone has either dropped the macbook or dropped something on the corner.

    Applecare have been making me go back and forth between the repair centre and them and I'm just not happy, I paid a lot for the Mac and bought AppleCare too.

    What should my next steps be? I'm in the UK BTW, is there some sort of independent law I can show them or something?

    Thanks in advance
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    Couldn't this be a shipping issue as well? Maybe the dent happened during that, unless you yourself retrieved it. The problem is proving that it's Apple's fault. If they provide documentation that says they inspected the mac at the point of retrieval and departure then there's no way to have them accept liability. Applecare doesn't cover cosmetic issues either, so you could be stuck with the dent, which sucks.
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    Contact Shipper

    I would contact UPS or whatever company was responsible for the shipping. They will do an investigation and determine whether or not the damage occurred during transit. This could help you get your laptop fixed or at least have proof to show Apple the computer was damaged during repair.
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    UPS will have a signature to say the box was received in good condition,
    Therefore absolving them of any damage.

    Stick to guns with apple and insist it wasn't damaged when you gave them it in for repair,
    Ask for the manger to look over the CCTV of them repairing your Macbook.
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    Any of you guys notice the date of this thread?????:rolleyes:

    Reveille, reveille ......... :)
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    A lot of older threads are given new life by newbies eager to help :D
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