MacBook Air - External Display Help w/ Specifics

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by DiamondDean, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Nov 5, 2012
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    Mac Gurus Unite and Help Me Please:

    I'm a newbie to MacBook Air and have searched to no end for a solution to adding external displays:

    Here we go:

    MacBook Air - Mid 2012
    HengeDock for MacBook Air
    USB 3.0 Hub (4 ports)
    23" Displays / Monitors - 3 (non-Mac) (Dell, HP, Samsung)

    I dock my MacBook Air in the HengeDock.
    I can run a USB cable from Mac Air / Dock to my USB 3.0 Hub
    I can run thunderbolt / mini display from Mac Air / Dock to ???

    What would be the specific parts ( ie: display adapters, cables, etc) and set up in order for me to accomplish:

    Use of 3 external (non-mac) monitors - mirror mode (not extended across 3 monitors - but using 3 monitors independently for multiple windows, tasks, etc), while MacBook Air is docked (clamshell mode)?

    Note: I tested the MacBook Air in HengeDock, clamshell. 1 external monitor and it worked

    Now - how to get all 3 monitors live as described?

    I've seen how to do it with thunderbolt displays, with lid open, with iPad as a monitor, and many other combos. Just not the way I'm going after.

    I would greatly appreciate some detailed advice.

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