MacBook Air Hardware Troubleshooting Guide

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    Apr 20, 2013

    This thread would be exploring the hardware troubleshooting on MacBook Air.

    We expect to have lots of technical information pouring inn here. :)


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    I have a macbook air 2012 which suffered a liquid damage.

    i cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol . .

    The macbook air boots with the following issues now . .

    1. Battery comes with a cross icon( checked the battery on a another MBA 2012, the battery comes up and charges fine on this one).

    2. MBA is very slow , there was some liquid on SSD also which i cleaned.

    i also had a check on the SSD by inserting it into a working MBA , the MBA started booting dead slow . . . so there seems to be a issue in SSD.
    I suspect some issue with the SATA controller that we on the SSD . . .

    I am looking for some test points that i can measure and determine the faulty component on the logicboard.

    any help appreciated :)

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