Macbook Air/Ipad Pro Hybrid?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Eric5273, Feb 8, 2014.

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    The more I keep reading the rumors out there, and the more I keep seeing the new Windows 8.1 laptop/tablet hybrids that are coming out now, the more I keep hoping for Apple to do the same and give us some sort of hybrid.

    I don't know if such a machine should be called a Macbook or an iPad, but here is what I am hoping for:

    Something that looks and functions somewhat like the Dell XPS 11, where you have a touch screen that can be used as a tablet, but then you can flip it around like a laptop (dual hinge) and use it with a keyboard and a touchpad.

    I'd like to see them introduce mouse support to iOS, and add some sort of limited multi-tasking. Yes, many of us will still need a regular OS X machine for our business tasks, but I prefer using iOS for all of my personal tasks like browsing the web, chatting with friends, watching videos, etc. The problem is that half of the time I want to do those things is when I am sitting at a desk and need the use of a keyboard. I know that you can get those fancy iPad keyboard cases, but you still do not have mouse support, and using the touch screen when in laptop mode is rather clunky and a pain.

    And I'd like to see some limited multi-tasking ability from iOS. I don't need to run 10 apps, but allow us to run 2 or 3 apps concurrently. If I'm playing a youtube video and I switch over to respond to a message in another app or to write an email, the youtube video should keep playing in the background. And same goes with Safari -- the page should finish loading in the background when I switch to another tab or app. I realize when iOS was new these devices were low on power, but I don't see how that is an issue anymore as we see Android devices that multi-task just fine.

    I figure an iPad with a Macbook Air-type form factor and a dual hinge could be as thin as 0.5 inches, weight less than 2 lbs, and give 15-20 hours battery life. Throw in an internal cellular modem, and you have the perfect travel device.

    Am I the only one who hopes for such a device??
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    I'm sure it would be a big seller, just like the MS Surface.

    You are not the only one who hopes for that, there are already a couple similar threads in this forum. Personally it wouldn't interest me in the least. I think my 11" MBA is already the perfect travel device. It runs all of my pro software, has an i7, 8gb of memory, 512gb of storage and runs as long as 12 hours on battery.
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    I highly disagree with you. I do not want mouse support on my iOS devices. I think having a pivot point for a swivel screen on laptops is prone to breaking and all the teachers I have talked to hate those PC laptops as they just aren't durable.

    Secondly, iOS does continue to load Safari pages in the background when switching to other apps. I do this every day. I got a HiRise stand for my iPhone and I love using it for FaceTime calls. Though I also have my MBA for FaceTime. I love it. When I watch videos on my iPad it is usually short term and laying on the couch. If you like doing it at a desk, that's your preference but if you like watching videos on your iPad while doing other things, it just isn't smart. You're limiting video size and not really concentrating on the one thing you are doing. This is why I love full screen not only on my iOS devices but my MBA. I also love using an external monitor for my MBA. I watch Netflix on my external while typing up papers on the MBA's screen. I also use the external monitor to read documentation and use my MBA's screen to type up my code. It's really nice.

    iOS was built to touch and focus on one specific thing at a time due to power, screen size (affecting usability) and to do what humans do best, one thing at a time. The multi-tasking is limited to what apps can do in the background to control power consumption and memory. Mac was built to do it all and be a real power house and is really nice for full screen apps. Though you have the option to have multiple displays. It's awesome.

    Like Boyd01 said, the Surface has done oh so well trying to be that all around just doesn't work. If you like that idea so much, try out the Surface. It might be the device for you.

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