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Mar 15, 2008
I have a A1369 macbook air which has a faulty keyboard - rather than buy a complete top case at a cost of $280! I've found a top case with working keyboard but someone has destroyed the aluminum.

Is it possible to swap the keyboard only? - I removed all the screws from the outer edge of the keyboard, but it looks like the keyboards inner is secured with some kind of plastic clip in between the keys ?

Anyone know how apple put these things together :confused:

Glenn C

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Feb 22, 2013
MacBook Air Keyboard Replacement possible

Not possible.

Following the direction to disassemble the MBA, the keyboard is held together by small screws (size 00 or 01 phillips) on the outer edge of the keyboard.

The other rivets (there is a lot of them approximately 50) must be removed in-order to replace a new keyboard. It is time consuming and no tools are available commercially to take out the rivet. You have to improvise.

Re-assembly of the keyboard is easy once the rivets are removed.

Let me know if the info is helpful.
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