Macbook Air lag problems/battery issues

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by immalilpig, Dec 9, 2015.

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    Dec 9, 2015
    Hi all, I'm having a few problems with my 4GB 2012 macbook air and hoping maybe someone can help me out here. I've recently upgraded to El Capitan. I know 4BG memory is not a lot and might be causing some issues with the newest iOS, but beyond that I don't know much and maybe there's something I can do to alleviate the issues.

    First thing is that my macbook gets incredibly laggy right after I wake it from sleep or turn it on. It lags for maybe 10 minutes with delays in everything from hovering over icons to loading websites, so it's pretty much impossible to use for the initial 10 minutes. And then after that it goes back to normal. The lagging problem started before I upgraded to El Capitan when I still had Yosemite.

    Other than that, my macbook has been going to sleep at around 30% battery level, sometimes even 40%. It'd just go to sleep out of no where. When it goes to sleep at a high battery level I am unable to wake it with the power button or even have it show the low battery display sign until after a few tries with the power button. When I plug it in and wake it, it'd show a 0% battery even though when it went to sleep it was 30 something percent. This gets super annoying because it cuts me off in the middle of my work all the time. Also, sometimes when I wake and if it's on very low battery, like 1-2%, it goes to sleep like 10 seconds AFTER I plug it in, as if it's not recognizing that it's being charged. But the battery bar does show the charging icon. This started during Yosemite as well.

    Any suggestions on how to possibly fix these two problems? Just a bit more about how I use my macbook - I usually just use the very basic programs such as chrome, email, messaging, and Word. I don't even have any applications that take up huge amounts of memory. I haven't been turning it off everyday - usually just put it to sleep, but I've been trying to turn if off more often. I can provide more details if needed. Thank you all!
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    Apr 1, 2014
    For basic use 4 GB is plenty so you still should be fine. All MacBooks halve the CPU performance if they cannot detect the battery, maybe its related to the 10 minute slowdown period. When you hold down "Option" and click the battery icon, does it say normal?

    It sounds like the battery is slowly dying. You can try to calibrate the percentage by fully discharging and then fully charging. You can also get Coconut Battery which will show how many charging cycles you battery has.

    You can try to make a new user account and see if any installed apps on your other account are affecting things. Chrome can sometimes use a lot of memory if you haven't closed it in a while so maybe try a reboot as well.

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