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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by PW168, Dec 18, 2013.

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    I bought a June 2013 mba without first checking if there is a kensington lock port....I went on the web and researched lock solutions but none is satisfactory. Can anyone share which solution works for you? (please - no wise remarks about taking my mba with me to toilet breaks, lunches etc).
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    I see certain regulars at the local coffee shop and many of them carry their notebooks (whether or not it's a MacBook is irrelevant) to the restroom.

    Another way to do this would be to put the device in a backpack, secure that to a piece of furniture. I typically walk around with a generic-looking black daypack with a multitude of zippers. I have a small padlock to lock most of these backpack zippers up. Granted, it's pretty easy to bust through a nylon zipper, but it's not something most would try in a crowded public area like a coffee shop.

    Myself, I own an 11" MacBook Air (mid-2013) without any sort of lock port. It replaces a MacBook (late 2006) that had the Kensington lock port. Guess what? I think I've used the lock port maybe 3-4 times (I still have the infernal lock).

    Apple was pretty much right in ditching the lock port.

    Take the damned Air into the the restroom or have a neighbor look after your stuff for a few minutes.

    Not a big deal.
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    Some of these products, albeit much bulkier than Kensington locks, might do the job for unsafe environments:
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    There is none "elegant" solution for the Air.

    When I was in that cubicle job I had a Kensington on my Sony everyday
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    The Netherlands
    I researched this some time ago and came up with the following.

    There's two good hardware solutions, one very sturdy:
    and one small and elegant:

    There's also a software based alarm, that goes off when the MagSafe adapter is removed:
    and a hardware based solution, a USB-connected alarm that you can get from any of the Chinese trading sites:

    And there's of course Prey, a third party and more full fledged alternative for Find My Mac. Which in my opinion everyone should install, since there is no reason not to. It doesn't prevent theft of course.
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