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May 7, 2022
I bought used Macbook Air m1, 16gb ram/1tb storage. Reseted everything (formated ssd and installed macOS) but it wont wake up when I open the lid. It wakes when I tap keyboard or trackpad.
It wont sleep when lid is closed. It does sleep when system sleep-setting activates when mac is not used, regardless of lid position. Its outside of warranty so would kindly like to hear if somebody has solution to solve this.

I red many similar topics on other sites but no real solution for this yes. Hardware bug? Would Apple accept this as production flaw? As this mac is without any damage and everything else works perfect.


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Sep 8, 2011
Could be a hardware issue, the lid sensor doesn’t sound like it’s engaging. If it’s within 1 year of the original sale you might get it serviced under warranty; if it’s older I’d just live with it personally.
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Jul 30, 2003
Not a bug. It's a hardware failure, probably with the lid sensor.
Mac laptops used to use a magnetic sensor to detect lid closed. Some use a lid angle sensor in the hinge area. I'm not sure what your M1 MacBook Air uses.
Also, Apple used to have a flat-rate repair, which was designed to fix issues that are hardware failures that would be repaired under warranty, when the system is no longer warranty. Try an Apple Store. Ask about a flat-rate repair.
Or - live with it. You can press Control-power button to get a shutdown menu, where you can then press S as a keyboard shortcut to sleep.
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