MacBook Air (Mid-2009) Startup Issue

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by codyy, Feb 23, 2012.

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    I've got a MacBook Air (Mid-2009) that is running Lion. Just yesterday, I returned to my laptop and noticed it was frozen. I went ahead and force restarted it by holding down the power button and hoped it would be fine. After that, it has continued to get stuck on the Apple boot screen with the loading icon continuing to spin.

    I took the laptop to the "Genius Bar" and they did a diagnostic and everything seemed to be working fine. They told me I needed a new hard drive, however, this happened back in November and they wiped my hard drive and the problem was cleared. (Of course, I lost all of my information.)

    I am able to boot into the Recovery Disk via holding down the "Option" key during bootup. (I'm currently running Safari through this mode.) I've repaired my permissions and the disk and everything appears to be OK. However, the problem continues to persist.

    I have the option of reinstalling Lion or restoring from a backup via Time Machine. I don't have a Time Capsule but was considering purchasing one tomorrow because I've always wanted one.

    Is there any way to backup my hard drive, bypassing this issue I'm having? Or somehow being able to backup my hard drive while in Recovery Mode after purhcasing a Time Capsule?

    Thanks for your input! Hoping there is a solution aside from reinstalling Lion completely!
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    Yes. Buy a cheap USB external hdd, backup to it using TM. Re-install Lion as you want, then restore your data via the external drive.

    If the genius says your hdd is bad, it probably is though.

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