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:mad:Hi all, I bought a Macbook Air Last August and started having problems with it within 4 weeks. The problem was that SOMETIMES it wouldn' switch on, usually when I really needed it !! I persevered with it and after I realised the 'intermittent' problem wouldn't go away I contacted went to the local store for repair..they couldn't find anything wrong ... got it home and the problem reappeared..contacted Apple and they agreed to let an agency repair shop look at it...they couldn't find anything it home, problem reappeared, they took it back again...couldnt find anything it home, problem reappeared. I was begining to thing my 'switch on finger' was haunted by this time..and after months of wrangling with Apple HQ in Dublin they finally agreed to replace it if I sent them a video of it not switching sent, and another...finally got it replaced and a brand new machine arrived. I've had it back about six weeks and guess what ??? It has failed to switch on again:eek:..twice up to now !! Am I the unluckiest Apple buyer in the world ? or have other Macbook Air users had similar problems ??


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Jul 7, 2013

Are you shutting it down or just closing the lid? Closing the lid puts it to sleep and you could have some software causing the system to lock up when it tries to wake