Macbook Air only boots with lid closed after a water spill

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by tombc123456, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Hello! Was hoping I could get some advice here, had an accident with my Macbook Air and it's since been malfunctioning.

    Went out one night and left my skylight open with the MBA sitting right underneath it. It rained whilst I was gone, and when I got back I found the poor thing drenched in water.

    I've had spills before and everything's been fine when I dried them properly etc. so I inverted it and left it in a warm, dry place and for 48 hours before I tried turning it on again.

    When I tried turning it on - no response from the machine at all. I feared the worst and assumed that I'd tried powering it on too early and shorted out the circuitry with the remaining water inside.

    Left it a few more days and booked an apple store visit in the vain hope of perhaps getting an affordable repair quote, or some kind of miracle in-store fix. On a whim I tried turning it on again, still no response, so I closed the lid for the first time since the water spill and put it to one side.

    Suddenly the familiar apple chime sounded and I could see the screen light up from the apple logo on the top of the lid. I scrambled over to it but as soon as I opened the lid more than a fraction the computer instantly shutdown.

    Tested it a few times and it's happening consistently - the computer will only boot whilst the lid is closed, and when the lid is opened it powers down. It seems as if whatever was making the machine sleep when the lid is in a closed position has sort of.. inverted or something.

    To be honest I'm relieved that the thing is booting up fine, I can just about see the screen through the slit and everything looks fine in that department (I'll worry about corrosion later lol).

    So, the appointment at the store is this Saturday - from your experiences, would you say that the fact that the computer is booting up could mean a cheaper and quicker repair if it comes to that?

    Or are you guys familiar with a way of fixing it yourself, so that I needn't waste the appointment at the store?

    Really appreciate you taking the time to read this!

    Here are my specs:

    2012 Macbook Air 11"
    Intel i7 cpu
    Intel 4000 gpu
    8GB RAM
    120GB SSD
    OS X Lion
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    Sep 7, 2010
    If you are dealing with liquid damage, then you should have opened and mostly disassembled the computer to let it dry.

    The problem with water damage is it is hard to predict how expensive repairs will be. The fact that the computer is booting is good, but the lid issue could mean big problems.

    To have a hope of fixing it yourself you need top open the computer and examine the insides for signs of water damage. Without that sort of information it is impossible to say; if you can fix it or not. If you decide to go for it yourself, then be sure to checkout iFixit for guides on repairing your computer.


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