MacBook Air outperforming MacBook Pro retina


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Mar 29, 2014
I have a 2011 macbook air which I use to use. It has an I5 and 8gb RAM. I recently got a macbook pro retina 13 newest model 8gb ram 256 SSD. I play a game call league of legends. I put the settings on both computers too low on the game. On the macbook air I get 50-60 fps. On the Macbook pro I get 20-30 fps

Something must be wrong..


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Oct 19, 2011
Oh that might be why. What resolution should I lower it too to make the fps seem like the same then?
For the sake of comparing performance, you should set the resolutions to be equal. Can't you just set the resolution in LoL?

For gaming you can set it to 1440x900 or 1680x1050 to see what you like better. Half of the native resolution would be 1280x800 but I found that looking rather bad for gaming.

You can also try to compare lower settings and higher resolution versus higher settings with lower resolution, see if there is a sweet spot.