Macbook Air Patent for More Ports

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by aznkid25, Feb 28, 2008.

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    There is some indication in some Apple MacBook Air patents that they are looking to up the number of ports on the notebook from 4 to 7-8. One of the ports includes and integrated Ethernet adapter.
    There also appears to be 2 USB ports, at least one FireWire port, and then a few other ports that aren’t entirely clear what they are. The new patents also imply the possibility that they might make it so you can open and close individual ports instead of having to open the whole bay of ports.

    It’s a minor upgrade, but its significant to solve one of the major complaints of the MacBook Air. Now all they need to do is make a removable battery and upgrade the processor to the ones that Intel has road mapped for later this year that also use the small package that the MacBook Air’s processor uses.

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    I think you and the article are reading way too much into the patent. It's just a general patent for the port door like the one on the current MBA. They just happen to depict it with different types of ports in the patent documents. Apple obviously will add more ports if it becomes physically possible in the future. However, the patent drawings themselves don't suggest anything one way or the other.
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    ^^ Yeah, the OP is reading too much into this.
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    NO way

    No way Apple would ever put ports on the back again. I LOVE the side ports for easy access. They haven't put rear ports on laptops since the TiBook, I don't see them reverting back at this point.
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    Imagine if this were on both sides of the MBP... Ahhhh how beautiful that would be.. sleek, slim, expandable and powerful.

    I can dream right?

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