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    May 1, 2014
    hi, dunno if I should start a new thread but couldn't find any thread with the information I need.
    so I have a MacBook air (820-2375-a) 2008. and the other day I decided to open it and give it a good clean. when putting everything together I decided to test it before closing the case, and plugged in to my charger but in the process because the connector was outside its case and its magnetic I manage to short the pins...after that I plug everything and theres no light of any sort on the charger, I also tried to swap charger and charge the battery on another computer, but nothing starts the MacBook. so I reckon its a issue with the power management IC if such thing exists on my MacBook. problem is I cant identify it. visually theres nothing wrong with the motherboard, I guess I spotted a fuse and tested it for continuity and it is fine. so I hope someone can give me some light on where the ic is. I took some pictures, and will do some more if required.
    thanks in advance!

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    F2117LP ic

    so I guess that to fix my problem I will need to replace the ic F2117LP on my motherboard. however after some reading im confused and don't know if those ic need to be programmed for a each different MacBook. or can I just buy a normal chip and replace it?

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