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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by thewap, Apr 23, 2018.

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    IMO the 12" MB was improperly named which created confusion in the whole line. The 12" MB should have been named and designed as the new retina MBA , and should have been a 13" screen with appropriate ports.

    I would see a MBA Pro to have a reduced by 1/2" bezel with a HD antiglare LCD screen -yes I like the screen to have aluminum bezels as the old models - effectively making it a 14"HD MBA. Retina not a must for fear of UI lag, and battery effeciency might take a hit. A thunderbolt 3 port, C port, and A port, the SDXC slot, and the earphone jack (I can see Cook wince at this post). 2.5Ghz Quad core would be nice, with 16G ram. Of course in my opinion, both the SSD and Ram must be replaceable, and...please spare the glue.

    Pure fantasy on my part that Apple would ever consider making a "pro" version of the MBA line, but I have been fantasizing of such a device. What would you see a MBA pro have as specifications?
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    I think the USB-A port is wishful thinking, but I'm on board with everything else. I've been waiting for something smaller than a 15" MBP with a quad-core! Might as well be an Air redux rather than a 13" MBP with Touch Bar.
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    To all intents and purposes the MB is the retina 11” MacBook Air - they just dropped ‘air’ as it’s now not that much of a distinction any more... there is a 13” variant coming this year apparently. Other than that I think the present MBA model is probably as good as it’s going to get if you want traditional ports and the like. It’s a shame they never went retina with it, but the 2015 13” pro was a pretty good alternative if you wanted it.

    Personally I want a larger screened MacBook that doesn’t break the bank - a 15” air would have been quite something!

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