MacBook Air (Retina 2018) keeps disconnecting from home WiFi network


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May 27, 2008
I don't understand what could be happening. I have an eero system, and nothing else is having this issue, including other Apple devices (Apple TV, multiple iPhones). My MacBook Air keeps connecting for a split second and dropping connection. I don't know why and no errors are shown. I have reset NVRAM/PRAM and turned off Bluetooth, as well as restarted my computer, my eeros, and my modem. The only thing that does work is deleting the files:,, NetworkInterfaces.plist, and preferences.plist, and then restarting. The first time, this worked for two weeks. Now it's every three days or so. Because the deletion works, it makes me think it's a MacBook issue -- but what could it be, and is there a way to permanently fix it?