macbook air rev. c SL fan speed?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ejosepha, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Jan 12, 2009
    I just got the macbook air, 1.86ghz with 120hd. though it is new it was built week 42 last year. When On first start-up I used the option backup from a time machine from another Mac, which is my Imac 27" which has Snow Leopard 10.6.4. Everything transferred to the new Macbook Air. I learned from Applecare afterward that the Macbook Air shipped with Leopard and that the whole system was updated using the Time Machine from my Imac.
    the fans really increase whenever I watch a video or use the machine on the internet, for example. When I cease to do this they reduce back down to 2500rpm.
    MY Question: could there be a conflict between what was on the macbook air and the system that transferred over from my Time Machine from the Imac. And could this contribute to heat and fan issue, or is this just the way the machine works. Guy at apple felt that as long as it transferred without issue or panics, etc., it should be ok. In fact after the transfer I did a big software update to 10.6.4.
    If this is a normal fan issue, then ok. If I have done something to contribute to it then I could go through a complete re-install to base system and start again. It would be a big pain because I'd have to buy SNow Leopard and go through all of that wireless transfer.....don't want to do this for nothing. all my settings, mail, etc are now on the new macbook air.
    Any advice
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    If it is really bugging you then it could be worth a clean install, but it is a lot of hassle. Have you tried creating a new user account? Does it happen in this new account?
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    Fan Speed

    Just to note that everything works great so far, including all mail, photos, software apps, etc. And we are in a bit of a heat wave in Paris. Also the fans really cranked up during the Time Machine backup, so they were running quite high from the get-go under certain usage. The fans now run at 2500rpm to begin with. I have read that this is the base fan speed. Is this model known for running a bit hot, and therefore fans do speed up often, or do they run at and around the 2500 even during middle level usage?
    Will try the user account change as an experiment, but wouldn't even the new user account be based on the system that I transferred from time machine originally.
    I suppose I would want to know what is the range of fan speeds under normal to heavier usage. Do fan speeds automatically crank up, for instance, watching YOU TUBE or MKV movie files?
    Thanks for any and all opinions.
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    Flash (YouTube) is pretty CPU intensive on the Mac, so that would likely cause your fan to spin up higher than it otherwise would. However, the latest version of Flash supposedly decreases CPU usage, so that might help out a bit.

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