MacBook Air - USB 3.0 DJ Controller Problems

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by RichardCowdery, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. RichardCowdery macrumors newbie

    Dec 6, 2013
    I've just bought a Jockey 3 Remix DJ Controller,

    I have a Macbook Air (OS 10.8.5) so I can't use the disc that it came with to install the drivers. Ive downloaded the latest driver from the comanys website for the controller.

    I have installed the driver, firmware & rebooted, Im also using a powered USB 2.0 hub as I've read that it won't work with the USB 3.0 ports on my Mac.

    So, when I plug it in and power it up then go to all my USB devices, it seems that the mac DOES know that the controller is connected (See picture 1), however it doesn't show up as a sound device, and also doesn't show up the program I am using, Traktor Pro 2 (See picture 2)

    Now, I've posted in the support forum of the company that makes the controller and this is the "support" I've received.
    "Please post your Mac Book Air Spezification. Mac Book Air with "Haswel" CPU of first release have an inbuild BUG with the USB 3.0 and some devices !!! That will Never work. Please contact Apple for further Information and USB /chipset driver update. There are a lot of User with similar Problems. OnlyMacBook AIR with Haswell Chips !"

    According to this post, it would seem that my Macbook Air which I purchased mid 2013 has a CPU with a bug which won't allow me to use the controller… does anyone know of any firmware updates from apple to solve this "USB 3.0 bug" or am i stuck with a £500 piece of kit that i can't use??

    Oh this is my MBA's spec

    2013 Macbook Air
    OSX 10.8.5
    1.3 GHz Intel Core i5-4250U
    4gb 1400 MHz DDR3

    Im really in need of some advise here, I've been on with it for 3 days now and I'm getting no where.

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  2. jvacek macrumors newbie

    Jun 19, 2011
    Well, I ran into the very same thing, any way you resolved it?

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