MacBook Air vs. iPad 2

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Jul 8, 2008

I usually lurk, but have a question. I currently have a base model Mac mini, 20" HP LCD monitor, and Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad. It's my first Mac desktop since I had an iMac back in the early 2000s. I've always had either a PowerBook or MacBook up until 2010 when my MacBook died. Since my company had given me a Dell laptop, I bought an iPad to meet my needs on the go. I bought the Mac mini earlier this year to have a computer to use at home, but I'm finding that I really dislike sitting at the desk in the evenings after sitting at my desk all day and the Air would be more flexible.

I am thinking of selling my Mac mini and buying an 11-inch MacBook Air (4/128), but it feels redundant to have an iPad 2 (with bluetooth keyboard and InCase Origami stand) and a MacBook Air.

Anyone here have an Air as their main computer, and have an iPad as well? What are your usage patterns? I almost never use my Mac mini, but think I would use the Air a lot more since it's portable.


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Jan 18, 2012
I have both the iPad 2 and Macbook Air 11". I also have a desktop PC that I use mainly for storage and gaming, but I rarely have time for that anymore. I guess I'm spending 95% of the time on my Macbook Air, so you could say it's my main computer. I don't use the iPad 2 much anymore, but this may change if I could get my textbooks on the new book store. For now, the iPad is only being used for reading e-books and games for the kids. Between my phone and the macbook air, I am productive enough to not need anything else. Hope that helps.
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