MacBook Air vs. MacBook


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Jun 3, 2006
One Nation Under Gordon
The MBA is pretty frustrating even (these days) as an eighth or ninth machine in regular use (in my case and in order, Dell Precision T7400 - Sony TZ - Sony SZ / Z - HP 85 / 8710w - Pro - Sony UX - Air), for the very uses that Abstract mentioned.

It's not about the on-paper CPU power, GPU power, etc - it's how well all that runs, and the answer on the Air is badly in actual use, all things considered. The fact that the Air is for me significantly less productive than a machine which is down .5Ghz on CPU power and features an IGP that's a generation behind is testament to that.

Mind you, if it's your second machine and if you truly do nothing of consequence - even in Office-type duties - it may be fine.


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Dec 8, 2005
But ironically its because I was using mine as a second machine that I knew how sluggish the MBA actually was. If you buy it as your main machine and are upgrading from an older Mac, you probably won't notice anything "wrong" with it and you'll be delighted.


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Oct 27, 2007
This keeps getting more and more difficult.
I've just received a 20% off voucher for eBay, meaning I can get a MacBook Air for a little less than £600 delivered.
But now with the front page story about the new MacBooks... the thing is my 20% off voucher only lasts until 30th September so I'll have to make my mind up before I see the new MacBooks!