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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by am286704, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. am286704 macrumors newbie

    Mar 31, 2010
    Hey all,

    I've been thinking of buying a netbook within the past few months, but after testing them out and looking at reviews I'm not sure if I should just save up money and buy a MBA. I keep up on the boards and know that there may be an update within the next year or so, but what would you recommend?

    My top netbook pick was a Toshiba NB305. Here are the specs:

    Intel Atom N450 processor
    1 GB RAM, max of 2GB
    250 GB HDD

    I tried this one out in person at Staples yesterday and could not believe how unbelievably slow it is. I also thought of putting the netbook version of Linux on the netbook--I just am not a huge fan of Windows.

    As of right now i have a G4 desktop (love it still) and a 3 year old Macbook.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Sep 7, 2008
    forlod bygningen
  3. kernkraft macrumors 68020


    Jun 25, 2009
    I'd wait. Your MacBook is working well, isn't it?

    There is no contest between the Air and any netbook. They are not in the same segment of the market. You have to focus on why you would need another computer. It will be a compromise between screen size, processing power, price and battery life, at least.
  4. mbisson macrumors member

    Nov 19, 2006
    Wait. If the MB Pros are too large for you and size is important, then definitely go for a MB Air.

    I am currently relying on a netbook and although it is fine for basic web browsing etc. when it comes to anything remotely taxing just forget it. I go of to make a cup of tea every time the spinning rainbow wheel appears. Cant wait to be able to replace it with an MB Air.
  5. am286704 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 31, 2010
    I know that a MBA and a netbook aren't in the same area of the market--MBA is a full on laptop while a netbook has about the same capacity as a smartphone.

    I want a new laptop for these reasons:
    1. While my MB is only 3 years old, it's a little clunky. I'm looking for a netbook or MBA for the portability factor and the fact they're much lighter. As a student, a MB really weighs you down after adding books, notes, etc.

    2. My MB now doesn't have a good enough processor for running games. I'd like to have to option to play a few and the MBA has good enough specs for most Mac games at the moment.

    3. I'll be going to grad school soon and I want to get a new laptop for that reason.

    4. I want a laptop for Linux and one for Mac. If I bought a netbook, I'd obviously have to run a chopped down version of Linux, probably Ubuntu.

    5. The only reason I looked at netbooks were for the price. Although I know paying for a laptop for gaming will cost me more, it's not that important to me.

  6. DNAppleGold macrumors 6502

    Apr 9, 2009
    Price aside, the MBA will blow away any netbook. It is a full service computer. I've got a refurbished 2008 version (the one before the last update) SDD, and it creams my early 2007 MBP on most functions (start up, word, PPT, garage band, Imovie, photophsop). Yes, there are some limitations - limited storage, wifii only without a usb connector, and only one usb port). Seriously, if you can afford it and need full computer functions, go for it. If you are just looking at a mobile device for web/e-mail, and light production - get an Ipad.
  7. am286704 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 31, 2010
    No offense, but I'm not the biggest fan of the iPad. I already have an iPhone 3G, so I feel a little repetitive buying an iPad. At the point of saving up $500, I may as well just go ahead and buy a MB or MBA. Although they're nice for some people, I can't see taking notes on it for classes or anything like that. That's why I was attracted to the netbook style--small, light, and still like a laptop.

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