Macbook air white lcd screen after display replacement!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by pietklazen, Dec 11, 2011.

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    Dec 11, 2011

    So i have a macbook air with a broken hinge.. replaced the screen assembly as in the guide on ifixit. All ok, but after replacement the screen is white with light vertical stripes. Now i have done some research and found out there are a lot of users with the exact same problem but none with a solution.

    I think the reason why the screen turns white (most of the times) is because of the lcd modelnr en most importantly versionNr! The lcd model of the macbook air original is: B133EW03 but there are 4 versions of this screen: 0,1,2 and 3 respectively. In (page 3)this link you see V1 is an upgrade of V0, in the way that the EDID codes have changes and so the OS has to send different codes to the lcd for it to 'understand'. I couldn't find the exact changes in V2 and V3 but i'm guessing it could be similar.

    So my question is could this be possible?? is it possible or does anyone know you need the exact same lcd screen (model en version) when you replace your lcd screen?

    Another very strange thing is that my macbook air shows some discrepancies:

    The bottom case of my macbook air says A1304 and the serialNr off course. But the motherboard shows the A1237 model..Step 14! (In the ifixit guide on display assembly:)

    Also OSX gives me the data:

    MacbookAir 1,1

    1,8ghz core 2 duo 64gb ssd (which isn't a a1304 model..)

    but the same SerialNr!

    When i check the specs online using the serialNr i can see it's made in week 50 of 2008.. in my opinion it's impossible it's a a1237, because apple introduced the a1304 in october 2008..

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