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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by M. Malone, Aug 3, 2006.

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    well, for a little, I felt I was sure I was getting a MacBook Pro, now I'm not :confused:


    I'm in the market for a portable, to replace my old 12" PowerBook:

    about me:

    *I have a 20" Intel iMac with the 256 video upgrade: so I don't need graphics power from my portable as I always can go back to my iMac

    *I NEVER play video games on my Macs, but if it does happen, it'll be on the iMac, not the portable

    *I need a portable for college, and work

    *I have come to the conclusion that the internals of both the MB and the MBP are the same, so quality should be at the same level..internally (right?).

    *The advantage the MBP has in performance over the MB is meaningless to me, I do not need the video card, already got the iMac, and the backlit keyboard is not something I'm amazed with, I guess it would be nice to have, why not

    My dilemma:

    *I want a MB cause it's small, cause it'll be used primarily outside my house, just like my PowerBook, so carrying it everywhere I go is in mind.

    *I want a MBP cause the aluminum design is what I have been used for the past 3+ years with my PowerBook, no scratches, no problem with hinges, no discoloration, but the MBP is bigger.

    to conclude:

    my question is the exterior of the MB, how good of quality is it in comparison to the exterior of the MBP/PB. if I get a MB, it would be the black one, is the black one as scratch resistant as the Aluminum exterior? Basically it all boils down to quality of the exterior 3 years down the road, not looks, looks don't matter much, and the price difference is not an issue. I just don't want to find out the MB exterior is so cheap a year after buying. I already know the MBP exterior will be fine from my experience with my PB.

    thank you, and I am so sorry for such a long and REPETITIVE post :)
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