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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mediapirate, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Sep 11, 2007
    We sent in my girlfriends Core Duo macbook for service 3 weeks ago for a faulty touchpad, flickering LCD and wireless connectivity problems. We recevied the laptop back about 4 days later with a new palm plastic, backlight and wireless card. We brought it back home only to find we could not connect to any wireless AP's unless we stood right next to the one at my home. I figured they replaced the card but forgot to reattach the antenna's. We noticed another problem after we receieved the laptop back. There were little blotches on the LCD in different areas which we could see using grey backgrounds colors (specifically the grey boot screen). I brought the macbook back and the tech agreed there was a problem with the wireless card and saw the lines and blotches on the screen. He said they were most likely from pressure but I assured him this laptop was encased in a spec case since it was pulled from the box. I signed the work order and left but I relealized that he didn't make any comments about the LCD problem. We received a call 4 days later saying they couldn't fix in house so they were sending to the depot. They wanted us to come in to sign off on the work. I came to the store and spoke with a genius about the LCD again and he agreed there was something there so he wrote the comments on the repair by hand before sending it back out. We waited another 4 days and were told the laptop was back in this time there was extensive work done. The repair report stated the logic board was replaced, the wireless card and other parts were swapped but alas the LCD was left untouched and now there were cracks around the LCD bezel. We showed the tech and he stated the blotches were from pressure and Apple would not replace or service the LCD but didn't go as far as saying they were "user" inflicted damages. He agreed to send the laptop back out again to replace the bezel but didn't promise any work would be done to fix the LCD.

    Do you think Apple should replace the LCD or is he right that this "damage" is not covered under Applecare?

    Thanks, MP
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    It's interesting that they are being difficult, you may try calling into Applecare via phone and telling them what your problems are and sending it in that way.

    Apple has fixed my old MBP twice without questioning any of the problems I have had. I send it in, it comes back in perfect condition with no problems.

    My latest issue was a fan rubbing noise on my brand new 2.4 ghz MB, I took it into the store in Santa Monica (promenade) and they took it in the back to listen to it and walked out with a brand new machine 5 minutes later, I told them I had upgraded the ram to 4gigs when I bought it, they took it in the back and swapped out the ram and gave me the brand new one.

    In and out in 10 minutes with a brand new machine.

    This one is flawless except a dead pixel which stinks, but oh well!

    How old is the computer you are dealing with?
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    Sep 11, 2007
    How old is the computer you are dealing with?[/QUOTE]

    It's the original 2Ghz Core Duo purchased over 2 years ago. The Applecare expires early next year so I want all these issues resolved beforehand. I will see what happens in the next return. If the screen is still blemished I will call Applecare and explain my experience thus far.


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