MacBook, Applecare, My Rights - Advice Needed!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jaded-mandarin, Nov 25, 2009.

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    So I'm 2 years through AppleCare.

    I have already had my white MacBook repaired once for cracked plastic where the magnet meets the palm rest. However this has happened again, so I'm getting it repaired again.


    last year I had my MacBook repaired by an authorised reseller/repairs because I felt my screen was too loose. I was advised in an Apple store to take it to this particular company because they were nearer to my home. I received my MB back, but after a while after inspecting the case, I noticed that they had done a very poor job of screwing my bottom case back on. The screws had been screwed so tightly that the plastic of the MacBook had been warped inwards slightly towards the screw head. The screws were in too far and they were off centre - the heads were worn where they had been screwed tightly. This annoyed me, but not wanting to be overly pedantic I decided to get on with it. This was August 2008.

    Since then, over the course of the year or so, the plastic around the bad screws has become so strained it has cracked at two points. There are now two prominent cracks, which upon inspection can immediately credited to the poor screwing down to shoddy workmanship.

    I live away from home at uni, and my MB is vital to my work and everything else. I was going to just let it go by because at this year I really can't do without it for a few days, but now with the palm rest cracking once again - I felt why should I let it go? I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and get them both repaired now.

    I went to see a Genius, and explained both problems. The cracked palm rest is booked in straight away no problem. But he couldn't beleive how badly the repair job had been by the 3rd party. He explained to me it was obvious that the screws had been turned far too much, and as a result had warped the plastic, and over time led to the cracks. He really was dismayed.

    Then, he simply said; "We won't cover it."

    I was amazed. He went on to say that the warranty did not cover the bottom case of my Mac, and that as I was under AppleCare the labour would be carried out free of charge, but I would have to pay £80 for the parts. He added that it had been a year since the repair took place as well, even though I replied that the cracks hadn't started to appear due to the bad repair up until recently, and that the damage was a result over time.

    I said that surely if my Mac was sent off for repair by Apple, or an authorised Apple reseller/repair - I should expect for my product not to be damaged more upon return, and that they should rectify the problem.

    He said I should write to the reseller, and that's all he could offer.

    I need advice please. I'm not leaving this because it is totally out of order. I do not pay the best part of a grand and then whatever on top for AppleCare for it to be broken down to faulty repair work carried out by a person authorised and associated with Apple. It is exactly the reason I took out AppleCare, so that if anything went wrong I could leave my Mac in trusted hands.

    I've been reading through the legal jumbo on the Apple site regarding AppleCare, and its coverage. This is what I've found.

    I want to get some clarification on advice on where I go next, thanks in advance.
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    Call the phone support line. Sometimes people have better luck.

    If the bottom case isn't covered, you're probably SOL.
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    What does SOL mean?

    I'm asking if anyone can locate any legal documentation where it specifically states that the bottom of the MB is not covered. I'm not saying it isn't true - but I have gone through all the legal stuff on the site and all I can find is "Your Mac"

    Rather vague...
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