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  1. patrick122 macrumors newbie

    Oct 12, 2011
    Hi I am about to buy a new Macbook pro. My family has an iMac which I love. I just came across the Bamboo tablet and thought it would be awesome to use to take notes with. I hate paper notes mainly because my handwriting is sloppy and i hate always changing between papers. Its isn't terribly sloppy but I like the idea of my writing getting transferred to text instantly and recording what the teacher says and then going back and searching for text. Especially my math and engineering notes. I know this is possible on OneNote but what about other mac compatible programs?

    Has anyone used a macbook and bamboo to take notes? I think the idea of a tablet is awesome, but they are expensive, so maybe using bamboo with a macbook would work just as great. My concern is that it would take up room. Especially on a small lecture chair desk. Some instructors don't like see students on their computer in class. I want to get a Mac but may go windows just because you can get a tablet Pc that you can write on. I wish Apple would make something like that. It would be awesome.

    Going back to my main question. Anyone have any experiences using macbook and bamboo together in college?
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    Jun 10, 2011
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    i'd assume if you have even somewhat sloppy the accuracy of a "handwriting to text" converter would be poor, at best. fwiw i've never used any type of hardware/software that does this, but it's something i would look into before getting any type of tablet solution.
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    Oct 24, 2007
    No. Just don't.

    I have the bamboo pen & touch and it's not sensitive or comfortable enough to replace an actual notebook. A true blood wacom may be able to but that is significantly more expensive.

    I do however use it for general mousing around as well as photoshop and illustrator. For that it works a treat, and it gives off that pro vibe.

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