MacBook battery time remaining?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by AppleFanatic10, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Nov 2, 2010
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    I am calibrating my battery right now but I was just checking to see how much time I have left until my battery fully dies. Surprisingly it says that I only have 2 hours left? I just took it off the charger! The brightness is down all the way *only 1 bar*, I'm only running safari and iTunes and the trash is emptying some stuff (which is taking forever btw). It says that my battery life is good and I've only had this laptop for about 2 weeks max. I really don't understand why my battery is going down so quickly. I really don't want to send this back because 1) I don't have an Apple Store in my area & I'm not going to drive all the way to Beverly Hills just to get this fixed. 2) I use this as my primary laptop, my netbook won't be able to get any real work done. I'm sort of new to macs, and I know I've been posting a lot on here lately lol. Oh yea, one more question. Does it really take 3+ hours to clean out the trash on a macbook? I'm only deleting iWork right now, nothing else. I think that's a bit long... maybe because I have it on empty trash secure or whatever its called :confused: Thanks for your help

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    Secure trash removes the file from the hard drive by overwriting it with random data. If I recall that option is set to overwrite 7 times, since it's iWork / An Application you can properly skip that and just do the normal delete.

    That most likely this is linked to your estimated battery time going down as well.
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    I agree. You really only need to secure delete things that you don't want someone else to ever find. For most things, a simple empty trash is fine. Secure empty also uses the processor quite a bit, leading it to estimate only 2 hours left. Once you cancel it, I bet after a few minutes you'd see that number jump way up.

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