macbook battery trouble pls help


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May 17, 2006
my macbook battery is going funky on me...once i get to about 50% charge when running off the battery the macbook shuts down completely...when i plug in the power chord it boots up and the battery is at 0% and it begins charging again...anyone have an experience like this...any suggestions...i couldnt find anything on and I dont have apple care...thanks

edit: UPDATE: very weird i just unplugged the power chord as it was charging (said 22%) and then plugged it back in and it has jumped to 58%. Very something wrong with half of the there someway to reset it or something?

Snow Flow

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Sep 29, 2007
sounds like the problem I had. Try it again, charge it, unplug it, and see if it shuts down at 50 again. I called apple and they said my battery was crap, though it wasn't part of the 2 recalls. They sent me a new battery, and now its all good.
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