Macbook black screen for a second time

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    Jun 15, 2012

    I have a white macbook bought in 2008 at the time the aluminium ones were coming out so it's an Intel mac. (I don't know if it matters but I thought it couldn't hurt to mention)

    In 2010 I started having problems with my screen, it went to sleep mode and I could only wake it for a short while by using f1/f2. I took it to my local Apple retailer and told them it was an inherent fault (or actually I hoped it was one, cause in Sweden, where I live, we have a law that guarantees us free replacements for 3 years if we can prove it's an inherent fault.). They said it was (they didn't specify it more than that) and replaced my whole screen. My problem that time, and this time, mimicks many of the threads on this forum.

    Now, two years after my screen was replaced, the same thing is happening again. Sometimes it works with the f1/f2-trick, but sometimes it's just the right side of the screen that flickers, like it wants to light up but isn't really able to.

    This is extremly frustrating, I'm currently in Japan in work-related matters and I really need my computer. I've read quite a few threads about this problem but most of them doesn't have an ending, if you know what I mean, so it's quite hard to figure out what actually happened in the end.

    It doesn't seem to be entirely motion-related, it happens as I turn it on without moving it, but sometimes "massaging" the connecting part between the screen and ... er... computer helps, could this mean that the problem is a cable?

    I'm sorry if this post is confusing, I'm not really a tech person, at least not with computers, but I would be extremly thankful if somebody could help me!

    All best
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