Macbook Can install ubuntu?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by veken, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Do you get full graphics card support?

    I installed Ubuntu on a USB stick and then plugged it into my 15" rMBP, then restarted the laptop. The Mac bootloader detected it and I was able to boot into the USB stick. The Ubuntu boot speed was naturally abysmal, because the stick itself is slow.

    When Ubuntu 12.10 finally finished loading, these things worked just fine out of the box:
    - sounds
    - brightness and volume adjustment f-keys
    - keyboard backlighting (but I didn't test the adjustment f-keys)

    The trackpad support is abysmal, it lacks all the tuning that OSX and even Windows Boot Camp give (the cursor slips while you click). Tap-to-click has that idiotic double-tap-to-drag that can't be turned off, just like in Peecee laptops.

    Unfortunately the performance was way subpar, especially at 2880x1800 laptop resolution (I refuse to reduce it). When I looked at "About this Computer", when I clicked the display driver section, it showed me something like Unknown. Maybe I should find and install an NVidia driver? Or is it not possible with Linux?

    EDIT: oh no. Is it possible that the drivers that get installed on Ubuntu are specific to the computer that was used for the installer process? I did NOT use the rMBP for that, I used an older MacBook, which by the way wasn't able to detect the USB drive from the bootloader (could be because of old EFI firmware?)
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    I query , I can use the virtual machine to install Ubuntu . This is the safest

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